Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sell Points and Make Money

Attention NETWORKERS...How Would You Like To Get Paid 6 Days A Week For Just A Little Effort On Your Part? 

How would you like to have the opportunity to be given POINTS, that you can sell for $1.50 to $14 each?

This is the sweetest opportunity that has ever been seen in the history of MLM
Kingdom777 offer you the most rare opportunity to earn points everyday, this points can be traded on the trading website to convert to its cash equivalent which is between $1.5 to $14 per point.

 The good newsthere's a broker that does the all the selling for you.

The CEO is of the opinion that these points will be sold for as high as $20 soon 

How do i get this trade-able points?

As a director in kingdom777, the company gives you 16 points everyday,Mondays through Saturdays

you can take this 16 points that you are earning 6 days a week and turn into BIG cash,

Yes, you heard me right, i mean a big cash.

This is the best opportunity I've seen in 35 years. No kidding.


16 points x $4 per point = $80 a day 6 days a week.

I can show you how to earn 16 to 160 points a day.
Do the Calculation yourself.

Most interesting is the fact that everyone make money everyday whether he or she can recruit or not.
This is indeed amazing.

Beside trading of points, there are other ways you can earn
income with the program. 

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 I'm looking for serious minded entrepreneurs in AsiaAfricaEuropeRussiaUkraineRomaniaCanada and a few other countries.

A newbie in online business who doesn't even know how to post an ad, or do little online marketing
can easily make $300 to $500 a week here without struggles.

No Doubt, the era of struggles online is over for GOOD
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Friday, 7 February 2014

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Where else can you make easy money as this?

If you have never made a dime in your online struggles, or you have always been short changed, then, you will need to read this attentively.

Are you like many people who spends countless number of hours online everyday and yet with nothing to show?
Or you are one of them who invested heavily in so called investment opportunities online and lost woefully?

Many of us have had this bad experience before until we located this life changing company called Kingdom777

In my earlier post, i simply described it as the best opportunity in 35 years of MLM
Click on this link to read this post

Many people however have asked me how this was so.
I want to quickly show you some basic ways in which you can make money sweatlessly in Kingdom777

1. Global Selling Bonus: As an affiliate of Kingdom777 you are entitled to a bonus that is paid everyday, 6 days a week on autopilots.
This is possible because we are aware that a lot of people missed out great commissions and payments in multilevel marketing and online businesses because they couldn't get a referrer.
In Kingdom777, you earn everyday on your global selling bonus without the need of sponsoring

A director position which cost about $1,999 pay out $32 everyday for 100 days.
This is a whooping sum of $3,200 within four months without sponsoring.

This means you get back your investment of $1999 and you have back a profit of about $1200
No where else can we get this straight and easy approach to profiting without stress.

2. Kingdom Trade: When you have your daily global selling bonus paid into your 777points as an affiliate, you can make more money by transferring the points to kingdom trade where you can trade the points for cash.

Trade examples have shown that you can trade one point which supposed to be equivalent to one dollar to between $1.2 and $5. In the word of the company CEO Mr James Tenorio, a time is coming and very soon when the points will be sold for as high as $20 per point.

This means your daily $32 generated from global selling bonus will be worth about $640 everyday as you trade it on the platform. As at today, we have seen instances of people who sold a point for as high as $5.

A little mathematics shows that just 1000 kingdom points will make you $5,000 without any stress. This is nothing but awesome.
In a nuthshell, if we go by this calculations, your 3200 points purchased with $1999 within four months would yield you 3200 X $5 = $16,000. This is awesome.

Someone said how real is this?
This is very real because this company is becoming the greatest all over the globe in the next few months.
Will talk about that in the next post.

3.If you finally decides to bring in your friends, you can make money in other six different ways which include the Referral bonus, binary commission, Matrix commission, Global buying bonus,and so on.

One of this could make you $10,000 in just one day.
I sincerely do not see any reason why you should still sit on the fence as far as this great opportunity is concerned.
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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Best Opportunity Ever In The History Of MLM..........

Never in the history of MLM have we seen something like this.

A $2,000 Business Yielding so Much TURNOVER in four months!!!!

  This is indeed amazing.

Thanks to Kingdom777: The financial revolution of our time.
Kingdom777 is the marketing branch for WCM (World Capital Market). 

WCM has offices around the world. WCM has manages assets for over 700 institutions such as Hilton, GE, Denny’s, Albertsons, Savon Pharmacy, Siemans, just to name a few. They are presently managing over $4.7 billion in assets. One of their main products is Cloud technology.

KINGDOM777 has 5 opportunities available for you to earn income. There is no sponsoring or referring required, but you can if you so choose. Each of the 5 plans pays you 6 days per week. Half of what you earn each day is YOUR MONEY TO WITHDRAW. The remaining amount is put into an account that grows each day. At the end of 100 day term you must cash out your principal and earnings. At that point you can start all over again with a new account.

This is NOT a HYIP program, but this is a passive program where you can earn income 7 different ways. The webinars explain each of the 7 ways you can earn income. This could be the best pay plan in the world.

Hear what STEVE HOFFMAN, the leader of our Kingdom Group has to say " THIS IS THE BEST PAY PLAN I'VE SEEN IN 35YEARS. We have a program that has a number of ways to earn income.

THREE of the plan require no referring and a 4th one coming in January. We receive profit sharing 6days a week. This company is going to set financial history with it's own international currency and credit card. 

WCM777 is taking TO Pacific, Inc. public on NASDAQ. we get pre-IPO shares with a huge discount. This is a ONCE IN A LIFE TIME OPPORTUNITY". 

Check the below picture for a payment proof 

To be part of this great revolution, mail me at

Please download this video for the recorded webinar of this great opportunity


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